The growing trend of digitalisation has resulted in technological breakthroughs in the patient care equation and transformational changes across the global health industry. It is clear that the future of the industry will be collaborative and digital platform-based.

As rapidly evolving technological applications, games and simulations are already widely integrated in the traditional educational process. They are also increasingly being deployed in the field of healthcare training and assessment, showing their potential of becoming powerful instructional tools.

To address these shared scientific challenges and harness innovations found in serious games, simulations and gamification techniques, it is imperative that all stakeholders across the healthcare value chain collaborate through partnerships and licensing deals to bring these solutions to market more quickly.

It is with this objective that the inaugural Games for Research, Innovation and Commercialisation in Healthcare (RICH Games) was conceived, to provide a collaboration platform to explore blue skies research, showcase innovative solutions and provoke discussion on the adoption and commercialization of healthcare innovations.

Themed “Partnership through Play”, the four-day event (comprising two days of workshops and two days of conference) aims to bring together game developers, healthcare professionals, clinician-scientists, academia, health tech specialists, innovation leaders, startups, entrepreneurs, government agencies, regulators, and investors for thought leadership, productive discussions, shared learning and networking.

Join us at RICH Games 2022, to find out how, together, we can align serious games research with innovation, navigate the complex commercialization process and accelerate the uptake of healthcare innovations!